Why the name?

An attic in one’s home is the place where all the odds and ends end up. The attic is the space in my body where the same thing occurs. Up in my head, where all my thoughts live - where I process life. From that, out comes my art. 

I want my business to feel comforting as a home. Like when you’re going through your Grandma’s attic and find goodies from her life and subsequently learn more about her and yourself. My work is a visual journal and representation of things I’ve been through, people I’ve known, experiences that I’ve had. I’ve learned that in vulnerability, there is connection and shared experience. 

The body afterall like an attic living on the top of a home. Sometimes memories are packed away in boxes, covered in dust and when something sparks a reminder of that feeling or time or memory in one’s head, it’s unpacked and remembered, sometimes even relieved.

Lilith is a representation of feminine energy and women. A powerful historical figure in many different types of lore and stories. My business and my work focus on women and empowerment. 

Depending on what story you know about her depends on what you think of her. She has many different versions and is a complex figure, just like women and any humans for that matter. Your opinion of her depends on what you know and I love that concept. She is a powerful feminine force, just like I try to make with the energy of my work and the core of my business. 

  • Community

    My belief in art is that it takes a village and can also create a village. I want my work to connect people -to bring people together and give them a chance and a place to share their emotions and their experiences.

  • Goals

    I strive to achieve a friendly, safe, and inclusive community of people through my work and my business. We are all humans floating on a rock in space and I try to provide support for each other as we do that.

  • Values

    I am a small female owned and operated business. I believe in making my business as environmentally friendly as possible with all the woman power posssible.