Julia Pasqua - Artist

When did you start making art? I get asked perpetually. It sounds like a trite answer, but basically my whole life. Since I could hold art supplies, I was making stuff. My mom likes to tell the story about how we had to get to preschool early every day so I could get one of the easels or it would be a bad day. As I grew up, my mediums would change, but my desire to be creative would never die. 

I created/filmed a late night comedy show on public access tv with my cousin when I was in middle school. I worked at an art studio through high school and worked as a studio assistant while simultaneously attending a visual and performing arts high school. Every day, I had half a day of art classes. All AP, all tried to kick my ass and my spirit. I was overworked and burned out by the end.

So I quit everything. I picked up a retail job in a small mountain town and said goodbye to art but still found myself still carrying around a sketchbook everywhere I went. I had no one to draw for. No assignments, no due portfolios, no critiques, no “concentrations” that had to be put together. So I just drew. And I drew and I didn’t care and a magical thing happened - I started creating things for myself that made myself feel good. That I was proud of. Here I found my style and my joy for art again.

I created in this style for almost 7 years before I decided to sell it or share it. When I got up the courage to share and sell my work, I sold out of half my inventory at the first show. After that, I dedicated my whole life to what I love. I was able to, for the first time in my life, answer the question “What do you do” with “ I’m an artist”. And that is the best feeling in the world. Because it is what I am and what I always was and wanted to be. I just kept creating. And that’s something I tell everyone in my booth - always keep creating. What an outlet and layer it brings to life.

I love what I do. I love what I create and I’m so honored to be able to share it with people. I’m honored to be able to call myself an artist. So thank you also for being here and supporting me and giving me the opportunity to do so. The journey is still just beginning. 

What Is it? What do I Use?

Well the short answer is all of my work is created from Sharpie and liquid Wite-Out. I then scan in the work digitally and clean up the tones. Sharpie tends to blue and Wite-Out tends to yellow and I want that stark black and white high contrast look with my pieces. You’ll very rarely find color in my work - I really gotta be feeling it.......


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