What Is It? What do I Use?

Well the short answer is all of my work is created from Sharpie and liquid Wite-Out. I then scan in the work digitally and clean up the tones. Sharpie tends to blue and Wite-Out tends to yellow and I want that stark black and white high contrast look with my pieces. You’ll very rarely find color in my work - I really gotta be feeling it.

I started/invented this process back in 2015. I was classically trained in all mediums of art and focused primarily on printmaking and acrylic painting. I found this process almost by accident when I was working retail and always had these tools at my disposal. I joke that it was because I was poor and art supplies are expensive but I quickly fell in love with the process because of the fast motion and pace that I can work and the textures and lines I can get at the same time. With printmaking, the process never worked as fast as my brain worked. I loved the story I could tell with just a few lines in printmaking, but it would be a very long process before getting to a final piece. Even with acrylic painting, I would always have my hair dryer next to me so I could dry the paint quickly and start a new layer of what I was thinking and making.

I did a lot of pen and ink work as well and was in love with the concept of motion drawing. Motion drawing is a process of drawing rapidly to convey action and motion of the figure. With the combination of the Sharpie and Wite-Out, I realized I could use motion drawing with a sense of layering at the same time. This would create more interesting lines, textures, and tones of a motion drawing, making it more of a final piece while still letting me work quickly and get the emotions and feelings in the lines that printmaking always lacked for me.

I am in love with the different line shapes, and sizes, textures, and forms and what they can make people feel. I am perpetually playing with what I can show and what feelings I can put into a piece just through just line variation. 

Digitally scanning in the pieces cleans out all the Wite-Out lines too as they are not part of the piece, just a tool for me to work in both the positive and negative space at the same time.The use of digital helps me create clean final pieces and is the last step in my process for me to achieve the final look and creation I had in my mind all along. A clean, finished product.

My fine art prints are printed on a high density water color paper with a deckled edge, just like traditional printmaking. A nod to my roots as a printmaker and creating a beautiful print. The prints become the final pieces.

Everyone asks me about an original, but when combining digital aspect into my work, the original becomes the original file that I print off of. I call myself a modern printmaker. I am combining the age old way and style of printmaking while also utilizing modern technology. By unifying fine art and hands-on creating with digital, I hope to be able to bridge the past and the future of art with what I create. Technology is a tool and I feel that it should be utilized in art.

A piece isn’t done to me until I can feel it myself. I am an emotion based artist. My work comes out of what I feel. A lot of it is me healing what I feel. I feel better after I create because I am leaving all my emotions on the paper. If I don’t feel what I’m trying to story-tell, the piece isn’t complete. 

I was once asked “When is a piece done?” and I answered “ When I run out of time” and I have always regretted that answer. A piece is done, to me, when my eyes don’t get stuck anywhere. When I can flow visually through the work as I intended. When the motion is right. When it tells the story I want to tell, and feels the way I was letting out. When looking at it, it then has its own voice and takes on its own life. Each piece was inspired by real events and I want to capture those and the feelings of them through my ability to create. And this process helps me bring to life just that. It’s truly a wonderful relationship of artist and materials for me and my style didn’t truly form and get set free until finding this way of creating.